For a complete logistic service you need the cargo/goods to be stored among other services. We are aware of that very well. Storage capacities, purpose, nature as well as the scale of our services can be effectively and quickly adjusted to clients specific needs.

The most import things with warehousing are control of the goods, nature of goods, warehouse temperature, the way of storing the goods, handling all warehouse documentations as well as having all requiered standards and certificates. Warehousing means putting specific goods in a specific warehouse for a limited period of time. There are many types of cargo/goods: industrial, consumer goods, dangerous, non-dangerous goods and many more. We at tinles can provide and arrange the appropriate warehous for your specific cargo/goods. In addition to that we can arrange a variety of services which are needed for warehousing like for example: labelling, packaging, distribution, sorting, desposel of goods? In a word all that is needed for a good and right warehousing.

In order for the goods to arrive undamaged from point a to b a key role plays transportation as well as warehousing and this provides the client a certain care and quality control over the goods.

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