We manage volume, partial loads and classic (ftl) freights up to weights and also non-dangerous waste loads in europe and countries of former yugoslavia (balkanies countries – croatia, serbia etc.). Our principles are, quality, adjustability and reliability whereof many of our clients domestic and foregin got convinced of over the past.

Our fleet consists of 30 trucks. In accordence with claims of european ecological standards all trucks are equipted for non-dangerous waste transports (a). In addition to that all of them have a navigation gps tracking system so we can monitor the routs of our customers cargo.

You can see our trucks on the road in the following countries: Slovenia, Austria, Italy, Germany, France.

Our employees will allways take care that your cargo will be delivered on time and in the right place. So we are the right choise where you can leave your worries about organization of transports a side.

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